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Relating to the different generations of a family.
“a compelling generational saga

Target Key Clients

We limit our exposure to 20% of any industry. This enables us to focus on your solutions and allows us to recruit from your competition.

Focused on Success

The Search for excellence begins with excellence in search. We apply best practices to match the right talent to the right careers. Our commitment to your success is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

The Right Experience

We have a proven track record of leading, executing, and delivering top talent to our clients. We share our passion for the search industry through innovative talent strategy, thought leadership, and successful execution.

Open letter from the CEO and Founder

Recently, I made the decision to change our name from Ashbrooke Fields Retained & Professional Search, to Generational Executive Search, Retained & Professional Search Services.

With over 18 years in the search industry, my belief in what we do has never changed. We are in the business to improve lives in one of the most important aspects of survival, employment. In 2001, as a broker with Morgan Stanley, the Nasdaq imploded. I watched as clients I had grown to know and care for, become financially and emotionally damaged by a herd mentality of greed and selfishness, beyond my control. I realized at that time, I needed to be in an industry more in tune with my true nature, one which allows me to help and serve people, with more assemblance of control. 

Over the years, I have witnessed the styles of many search ‘professionals’ and organizations. Styles rooted primarily in the transaction of a placement; people were a ‘means to their end.“ However, our product is unique amongst all other industries. We are in the business of human capital. From beginning to end, our product has a brain, a life, a family, and as important, a story. The overwhelming need to produce financial results blinds many firms to the fact that we are all here to perform one simple function: to give back and help one another navigate this saga called life.

10 Years ago, when Ashbrooke Fields was created, I felt it necessary to brand our firm like the others, creating a two-named organization. However, it dawned on me recently the name really didn’t say anything about my values and beliefs. Sure, it vaulted me as an owner to the audience, having Fields in the name, however this business is not about me. 

A few months ago, while speaking to a dear friend around my desire to change our name, I voiced the issue I was having with the lack of meaning in our brand. We talked through all the people I’ve met over many years in business, taking time to listen to their unique and incredible stories. Stories of them overcoming arduous hardships to achieve success. Stories relating to their negative treatment by search professionals, often as products, not people. Although they may not have articulated it, I gleaned from them a common denominator we all share:  
A desire to be professionally happy while providing for our families. Whether it is the hiring executive in a massive reorganization, or a candidate seeking a better commute, the underlying theme remained constant. 

My friend then said, “Jason, think about the generations which are affected by your industry, who are not involved in the ‘search’. Think about the impact a positive or negative experience could on them as a result of your treatment of the client and candidate.” 

Generational Executive Search, Retained Executive & Professional Search Services believes your career is but one aspect of your legacy, however, it is a powerful tool to form and shape future Generations. Through integrity, honesty and hard work, we look forward to continuing to work with you, striving for successful outcomes.


Jason Fields